David Bogart, 41, resides in NJ.  He is
a self taught artist. Influences include Ken Auster,
Vincenzo Ganadu, and John Severson.

His representational works inlcude surfing, urban,
architectural and interior subjects.


"This is a Takeover!", March 2006, Montanaro Gallery, Newport, RI

"Face and Figures", April 2006, Shelley Hall Gallery, Bend, OR

"Offshore/Onboard-Surf Art Reconsidered",May 2006 Ashley Tyler Gallery, Soho, NY

"Surf Art Extravaganza", September 2006, Montanaro Gallery

"Pop's Garage Surf Art Show", July 2006, Normandy Beach, NJ

"November Colors", November 2006 Blue Heron, Upper B.Eddy, PA

"Grand Opening Exhibition",, February 2007,The Art at 18 Gallery, Milford, NJ

"Urban Art Exhibition",, May 2007, The Art at 18 Gallery, MIlford, NJ

"I Eat Art " Exhibition, December 2013, Outsider Art Gallery, Frenchtown, NJ

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"Surfer in the Sky-A Collection of Surf Inspired Art & Heartfelt Expression"- Book Cover, September 2010